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Conceptual Photo

Conceptual Photo

Australia Post: Hug

Liquid Fire
"*4 E'J9

Olympus: Eagle

Wakes You up With Every Bite

Falling Letters

Creating My Own World

Lens Coffee Mug

The King


Go Your Own Road

International Handshake.

Apple or Kiwifruit

Love is a Learning Process

Eat Me! What would you call them? Eggheads? And are you ready to eat them! It has the wonderful humorous concept. The expression on each of the face and eyes can surely make you laugh.

Choose Your Face Choose Your Face has a novel concept and the attention to the details is beyond words, it almost looks real.

Toyo Tires: Octopus
This print advertisement for Toyo tires cleverly uses octopus to go with their slogan "Griping Performance".

Sometimes you might have the wrong perception about yourself and that might stress you out. This is a great example that shows how you can use perfectly ordinary objects to make a powerful message.

Wild Horses A fascinating photo manipulation where the womans flowing hairs are shown as horses. The peace and calmness on womans face and the running wild horses on the other hand symbolizes the constant thought process going on in our mind. Although outwardly we might seem to be calm and relaxed. A very original idea..

An unusual concept showing hands morphed into a mouth and ear. It depicts that everyone wants an ear to voice their opinion.

Lion show Lion Show is a print advertisement for Zoo Safari. It has an outstanding concept backed by wonderfully executed visuals to match its slogan "blend in".

Dont Get Drawn In
An excellent photo manipulation of an artist hand drawing himself.

Spiritual Milk This is an amazing idea personifying the milk into spirit.

Strength in Every Pour
A similar concept as the one shown above but with the positive message. In this print advertisement the milk is personified to symbolize that it helps to support your heart and body.

Verbal Abuse This powerful Public Interest advertisement campaign successfully illustrates how verbal abuse can be just as horrific as physical violence. It raises awareness of issue of vicious domestic verbal abuse.

Love Story
This is really a sad love story. It is amazing how you can tell a story with just one object. The old and faded effect gives it an interesting feel. The idea of using fruit to make something that seems so simple and yet universally recognizable is very clever.

Cigar City A delightful and detailed imagination of city built from a cigarettes ashes.

Life is Heavy
Another witty and brilliant piece of conceptual photo manipulation. It says something so philosophical in such a minimal and simple way.

Time Goes By Time Goes By has creative concept of depicting fleeting time.

Reduce the Effects of A Disaster
A public interest advertisement by FEMA for Disaster Management and taking timely actions to reduce the effects of disaster. The concept is very clear and the brick typography is exceptional.

The Monster In The Mirror The Monster In The Mirror symbolizes the hidden fear within us. The beautiful girl and the pastel colors makes the artwork more attractive.

How does This Make Your Tongue Feel?
This is how a tongue would look if it had a life of its own. A creepy and funny concept that can make you chuckle.

The Insight Story
An excellent campaign for the Swiss newspaper SonntagsZeitung with visuals depicting political figures and characters. The general idea is that the newspaper digs down through the layers to bring the news and the image accurately brings forth the concept.

Elements Fire An amazing Photoshop work showing woman dressed in fire and solidified lava. The concept is beautifully executed with great attention to details like the clouds, the lava, the debris etc. The color scheme and the firey glow which reflects on the models body makes it an outstanding piece of work.

The Poisoned Smoke A great piece depicting the harmful health effects of smoking cigarettes and tobacco. It is simple and powerful which makes the message very clear.

Surgeon Changes An amazing poster illustrating plastic surgery and botox that goes behind a beautiful models face.

What More Can I Say

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